Our Staff

Our Staff

Vince Henninger has worked for H&H since he was 27 and has served multiple roles within the company, from delivery to senior management. He now serves as "the strict decision maker," working directly with Kenny to provide you with the best local sales experience possible.

Kenny Horowitz is the son of founders Gert and Harry Horowitz and has been with H&H since he was sixteen years old. When he isn't in the store, you may see Ken checking out the newest vegan restaurant or riding in his vintage 1934 International pick-up.

James Visco has held careers in hospitality and retail for over 20 years. On his day off, you may find him golfing, and he is definitely the best golfer at H&H. He likes to cook and cooks for his family quite often.

Donnie Doyle has been in the New Jersey appliance industry since 1972. Chances are if Donnie sells you an appliance, he will be holding a yardstick. He seems to do that a lot. In the summer check the shore - you may find Donnie riding one of his jet-skis on his day off.

Dominic Visco has been with H&H for quite a long time and it shows through his sales experience. He is always busy with work, whether in the office or at home, but when not working you can find him spending time with his kids or rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Dennis Morris is a certified electrician who also helped lead delivery management at H&H for a few years before coming into the sales department. When not in the office, he may be drawing, golfing, or taking his German Shepherd puppy for a walk.

Jennifer Morris works within sales, operations, and marketing as a support system for current infrastructures. She has a medical background and is a registered nurse in Pennsylvania. When not at H&H, she is busy taking care of her new puppy, Dutchess.

Ralph Henninger is a returning employee to H&H, who worked for H&H over 10 years ago and started when he was in his twenties, primarily working in the propane sector of H&H Gas. He has over 20 years of experience in the realm of propane and appliances.

Nicole Henninger is trained in marketing implementation, buying and strategy.

Kevin Johnson has been working in retail for over 15 years, with half of that time in the appliance sales and management industry. Kevin loves to go to the movies and cook for his wife of 8 years and children, Bryce and Flynn.

Billy Velazquez is a jack of all trades. No really, he puts together your grill, fixed a pipe leak in the bathroom, and plugged your tires, all while grilling a solid steak filet. Billy does everything around H&H, and has for the past 25+ years. He's a behind the scenes guy who can figure out just about any puzzle. When he's not here, you can find Billy hanging out with his daughter or singing country in his black pickup.

Jeremy Torrey works on the H&H delivery team. He recently bought and loves his Monte Carlo 84’ SS. When not at work he likes to work out, hang with friends, and go boating in the Delaware river.

Andrew Machaqueiro, from the delivery team, has dog named Zeus, enjoys going out to bars spending time with friends. Andrew served with the United States Marines prior to coming to H&H.

Dionis Angel is an appliance specialist at H&H Appliance Center and has about 18 years of experience in the appliance industry. He started back in 2003 at a small brick and mortar appliance company out of East Brunswick, New Jersey. Dionis says, “I love to educate the consumer and help design the heart of their home.” Dionis was born in sunny San Francisco and moved to New York City when he was six. He served in the United States Army as a 3/5 as an infantry grunt 11-B. Dionis has four wonderful children who he adores and “lives for”. He spends most of his free time now “just being a dad” and is always on the go. He grew up working on and racing cars and motorcycles, but has now moved into renovating his home and investment properties